As the Shofar Church has direct relationship with a number of early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) heads and staff, our main focus is in this area. We currently support the Little Angels Crèche with financial, administrative and logistical support. We also mentor and take care of the staff of an additional 4 ECD centres. We offer prayer, spiritual and emotional support, and organisational and business development.

In Addition to this, Franschhoek Prochorus has accepted the call to fulfil the ECD development objectives summarized by the local organisation. Bhabhathane, who have outlines seven sub-projects, as chosen by the heads of the 20-odd Franschhoek Valley- Based ECDs.

The sub-projects include:

  • Full enrolment in a formal ECD or playgroup, of the close to 1500 local children younger than five
  • Food provision to all children in these ECDs or playgroups
  • The registration of all unregistered ECDs
  • The implementation of a common, registered learning programme in all ECDs (or the registration of any existing programmes)
  • The training of ECD staff towards recognized NQF 1 and NQF 4 qualifications
  • Facilitation of interaction between the ECDs and local Primary School Heads of Department and the upgrading of existing ECDs and the construction of new facilities