Our vision for this project is to equip underprivileged teenage girls to discover their unique identity in order to display God’s glory, stop negative cycles and become the light/leaders in their communities.
We aim to support and give guidance to girls in developing communities by teaching them practical skills. We care enough to discuss topics that are never raised by their parents, simply because they don’t know how to, since they themselves haven’t been taught or they don’t value the need to create a safe environment in which their children can discover. When asked, “Where is your father?” a thirteen year old girl answered: “He went to buy milk and never came back.”

Girls grow up in broken families and are often raised by their grandmothers and fathers being completely absent. In South Africa one in three girls has had a baby by the age of 20.
Our project intends to restore hope and establish worth in every heart in the midst of many adversities, we can rebuild healthy family structures and negative generational cycles can be ended.
Each group is led by 3 young working adults and sessions are held weekly. Our short term goals are to eliminate teenage pregnancies, keep every girl in school and to create a platform where girls can discover their unique identities. We believe that these teenage girls are the foundation of restoration in families and in their communities.

Every life counts – One girl at a time

What we need:

  • Mentoring/leading a group of 10 girls together with friends, contact info@prochorus.org
  • do you have a specific skill that you could share with the groups
  • Developing programmes to assist us
  • Assist in creating networks that will enable every girl to live a life she was created for depending on her particular need.


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