The Early Childhood Development (ECD) Program is one of the flagship program of Prochorus.

Currently overseeing 31 Creches and managing 2 playgroups  – it is easy to see why. The project is divided into two components, namely:

Crèche Support 

The Creche support program aims to provide 31 creches in Kayamandi with resources in terms of learning material and training. This empowers the principles to manage their own creche and create a healthy learning environment. the teachers and the principles have been trained in a principle Early Childhood Development Program which provides the tools necessary for a successful learning program.

The creches are not financially supported by Prochorus as parents pay a monthly fee for their children to attend. This creates an opportunity for Principles to take ownership of their business an work towards a successful learning center.



Crèche teacher / principal training
We believe that improved Early Childhood Development is the first and most important step towards the social development and advancement of Kayamandi. The Playgroup Project was started as an initiative to create a place of safety for the children whose parents are unemployed and are unable to pay the required fees at a creche.

The children aged between 3 and 5 years  are presented with an educational program that ensures healthy development and prepares them for Grade R. The learners are fed a well balanced snack and cooked meal. There is one playgroup in Kayamandi – Siyanda- and one playgroup in Cloetesville – Little Builders.


What do we need?

  • Funds to erect buildings (around R15,000 for one structure, including tables, chairs and sign)
  • Become a part-time or full-time volunteer and become part of this vibrant and embracing community. Contact us on
  • Educational material – stationery, books, educational puzzles and toys that are age appropriate for babies to 6 year olds


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