Use your power to EMPOWER
We are excited to share about the first four months of 2015! This newsletter will tell you about what’s happening in Kayamandi, Jonkershoek and Franschhoek. Enjoy!
Shoes with Purpose
At the beginning of the year we received a donation of approximately 3000 pairs of shoes from TOMS shoes. TOMS shoes has a policy that for every pair of shoes they sell they donate one pair. We have distributed these shoes to our playgroups and afterschool facilities in Kayamandi, Cloetesville and Jonkershoek, as well as churches in Kayamandi and Cloetesville. In partnership with Samaritan’s Feet we washed the feet and prayed for about 1400 children in two Primary Schools in Kayamandi. All these children received a new pair of shoes. Altogether we have distributed approximately 2800 pairs of shoes and are in the process of distributing more shoes to the local community of Stellenbosch. We would like to thank TOMS shoes for this great opportunity as well as Samaritan’s Feet for partnering with us.
Jonkershoek Educare Centre
The year started with much excitement and our busy worker bees were more than ready to greet the first term of 2015. Here are some insights of what we did for the term… February the children were educated on the importance of recycling. The kids were asked to clean around the centre and they had to use the collected recycling to create their own little projects. During the hot weather we had some water sport activities to cool us down. To end the term we had a movie week. Children decided on what movies they liked and, if it was appropriate to all age groups, we allowed them to watch. I hardly thought it possible that a group of 26 children could be so quiet and intrigued at the same time. Miracles do happen!
Jonkershoek Netball Project
This year started with great news for the netball project. Michelle Lyle, former Maties netball player, took over the project coordination from Jacomien Scannell who is now coordinating all the Stellenbosch projects. Michelle is doing a great job and currently there are about 15 – 18 girls that attend practice on a daily basis. The team participates in the Boland League that starts in May and ends in August.
Jonkershoek Cycling Team
The year started with big excitement from all our younger riders being very enthusiastic about the programme. Our very dear German friends and supporters, Daniel and Kathrin visited us until the end of February. They were involved with some mountain biking, but mostly with a swimming skills course which they ran with the cycling team. Besides our life skills sessions during training, the kids get a healthy portion of practical experience by going to these various challenging events. We participated in the Xterra, Argus Mountain Bike race, Cape Town Cycle Tour, Delta Trap and WP Cross Country League. There were various podium positions during these races.
Since the new bungalow has been erected at Little Builders in Cloetesville, the growth has been incredibly encouraging. The 4-5 year olds are being taught in an environment which is preparing them for Grade R. They are flourishing under the tuition of Maralisa, their teacher. The little ones are being educated by Lorraine who is a pillar of strength, as she nurtures and teaches all the basics of ECD. Lorraine, Maralisa and Bernadine’s enthusiasm is quite contagious as they educate, minister and prepare these little minds for the future. It has been on their hearts to start a ‘homework’ facility in the afternoons for the Grade R – Grade 3’s. We began this venture in February 2015. This has proven very successful and they are bursting at the seams with homework activities, songs, games and lots of fun. We are so blessed to have these incredible women serving in the community of Cloetesville.
Prochorus Franschhoek
The Edutainer is playing a vital role within the community of Groendal and Langrug. It serves the ECD community as an ECD training venue, as well as a toy library. In the late afternoons it is often used by a local choir as a practice venue. Toy training involves the basic training of ECD teachers in how to handle and look after the toys, and also gives them access to the toy library. The Physifund Program presents a program that equips the teachers to do fun filled activities with the children, combined with locomotive movement, to improve the children’s skills from a young age. We have completed a five session program with Physifund where eight teachers all from different crèches completed the course and received certificates.