In May we were finally able to buy new bikes after the insurance paid out for our bikes which was stolen in January. The kids were so excited and the attendance nearly doubled soon after the new bikes arrived. The girls team also saw fifteen riders during May. In total there were nearly forty riders attending. It is great to see the kids so enthusiastic, even if many came only for riding the new bikes. We would like to thank the Ironman Foundation for their generous donation which assisted us in buying the new bikes and equipment, since the insurance payout could not cover the total loss.

Early June saw the first event of the Western Cape Spur Schools League. Nine riders were given the opportunity to test their skills and fitness against some very fit and talented riders. The event was held at the lovely track of Southey Vines in Somerset West. It was a fun and active day out, from where the team returned even more enthusiastic to train hard for the next event.

We’ve had various new volunteers come ride with us and even some fathers of the children joined. It was great to have the unusual company and the kids always find it exciting to connect with new people, whereby they make effort to welcome them and make them feel extra special.