Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift exists because people are in poverty and we believe the Church should be on the forefront of solving that problem. The Paradigm Shift Program is a tool that connects business men and women within the church to micro entrepreneurs in poor communities. Through business training, discipleship, microcredit and one-on-one mentoring, volunteers engage with developing entrepreneurs, who, in turn, bring economic possibility to their impoverished communities.


How we do it:

Business Training: 

Basic building blocks for any successful enterprise: pricing, selling, budgeting, record keeping, understanding costs, advertising, branding and more.


Faith is the foundation for success over the long-term. In the context of relationship, we explore topics of stewardship, money, work, pain, purpose and God’s plan for our lives.


Growth-focused relationships of an entrepreneur and a skilled business professional who meet outside of a training environment.


Small, repayable loans for income-generation allocated only for those who are not currently banked and need assistance demonstrating credit worthiness in the future.

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