banner_133685bWelcome to our last newsletter for 2013. In this newsletter we will give an update on all our projects and some other exciting news about partnerships. 2013 was truly a foundational year for most of our projects. A lot of work went into building relationships, seeking funds and partnerships and starting up the projects.


Cycling project

We are extremely grateful for how things have developed during the second half of this year and positive about the development on the program.


One thing which stood out for us is the way that many of the kids have responded to the life skills lessons and taking more responsibility for their own choices and their future. It is also exciting is to see how the children grew in relationship with one another and with their coaches.

The kids took part in the Spur Schools league and they performed really well. They also took part in a few other races which was really good for their confidence.We are very excited about next year, we think that next year will be a year of establishing this project into something that will be a great tool to change the lives of the youth and children involved.


Netball project


About 25 to 30 girls took part in this project this year. This year was a foundation year in terms of building relationships with the players, and also partners.

We have established good relationships with Maties Netball and Trinity Netball club in Stellenbosch. Both of these institutions are very excited about what we are doing and also about the girls and their talent. They help with coaching and input in different areas of their lives.

Two teams played a few games during the year. They also took part in a tournament in September in Hermanus, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

We will focus a lot on character building and skills development in 2014.


Isipho se nkosi (Womens club)

It has been a great year for the women’s club sewing group. A business plan was presented at the weekly sewing gathering by Sylvia, a lady that has a heart, a will and dream for what it can become. A group that started in August 2012, turned the dream into reality and opened up eyes for the possibilities.


The sewing group had its initial meeting in Assegaaibosch in August 2012 and from there morphed into a weekly class session with the help from Idah, a Zimbabwean who started her own business 4 years ago. This lead to many Thursdays of sacrifice and learning (sometimes the hard way!)

The first project has been successfully finished – netball skirts for Prochorus Netball Girls, and the business plan for many more has been drafted, approved and in the process of becoming a self-sustaining enterprise.

The plan for 2014 entails building up stock and the exhibiting at local markets in and around Stellenbosch. We are amazed to see how God has a heart for the commitment and perseverance.


EduCare Centre

This project only started in June 2013 and we are amazed to see what has happened in only six months. We started with only computers and a facility. Cape Pine, a forestry organisation in Jonkershoek, renovated the building for us.


Our volunteers mostly come from the University of Stellenbosch and they assist the children on a weekly basis with mostly their homework and other school projects.

The computers are used to teach the computer literacy and to help them with their school projects and also special computer programs that enhanced their ability in numeracy, reading and other skills.

The children also receive lunch when they arrive. This project runs every Monday to Friday from 16:00 – 18:00.

Attix5 have generously installed a network for expanded usage of internet of all the computers of the internet. We are excited to lift the standard for next year in terms of assisting the children in more areas of their schoolwork and overall growth.


Other News


Mrs. South Africa – Chane de KockChane_1

One of the most exciting relationships was with Chane de Kock who was crowned as Mrs. South Africa in September. We are privileged to be one of her official charities that she will be partnering with. She is a wonderful woman with three children.

We are excited to work with her in 2014 in different projects and events. Her passion is mostly vulnerable women and children and healthy eating habits.



This is another partnership that we are very excited about. Distell will be funding the Educare Centre in 2014. Distell also had a volunteer month in September, where their employees gave some of their time to invest in some of their official charities.


Four wonderful women came to assist with quite a lot of admin at the Educare Centre. They sponsored files, books, stationary and some other things. These four ladies made a file for each child and covered all their books etc. We are very thankful for this and we are looking forward to building a long-lasting relationship with Distell.
Happy festive season to all our family, friends, volunteers, partners and donors. We pray that you will have a blessed time with your loved ones. We trust that 2014 will be the best year of your life! Thank you for all your support in terms of prayer, donations, time, knowledge and skills shared. We know that your input will and is making a difference to the community of Jonkershoek.