Educare Centre


Our Educare Centre exists to provide the scholars of Jonkershoek with an accessible and appropriate place to receive help with their school work. There is also a focus on developing other skills and providing mentorship.

There are 20 computer stations where learners can improve their computer literacy, do internet research or just complete homework projects.

Teachers and volunteers assist the children with homework or provide extra learning activities.

How to get involved:

  • Volunteer to assist the children with their homework
  • Assisting with computer literacy and other skills
  • Donation of stationery, puzzles and books (educational and reading) – must be age appropriate for primary and high school children (English, Xhosa and Afrikaans)
  • Collection of food from our provider on a weekly basis


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The netball project aims to improve the lives of school girls in Jonkershoek.  We believe that a holistic approach is important to develop a successful person in society.  Our rounded approach includes emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical aspects of the girls.

After weekly netball practices we have life skills sessions to share positive life values and practices. Our youth team is part of the Boland Netball league, which runs from February to August.  This develops netball skills, as well as giving a different perspective to specific life skills; such as problem solving, discipline and team work.

How to get involved:

  • Volunteer on Mondays and Wednesdays (16:00 – 18:00)
  • Old takkies (trainers)/shoes and clothing


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Isipo Se Nkosi (Thank you, God) – Sewing Group

Isipo Se Nkosi (Thank you, God) started with 2 women, mothers, grandmothers, who want to give their children a bright future. Two years ago, they started with a few pieces of scrap material and a simple act of faith. Today they have  a self-sustaining business.


How you can get involved:

  • Teach the sewing group new techniques. Sylvia and Florence are always keen to learn.
  • Supporting them by placing orders.
    (Scarfs, Knitting, Alterations to clothing, Table Runners, Curtains, Apron, Cushions, Bedding, Skirts, Bags, etc.)


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Jonkershoek Cycling Project

The children of Jonkershoek have fallen in love with both mountain and road cycling! It is giving them a new hope for the future. Join us in the success story of this project and empower us further expand and multiply to other areas!
Our goal is to develop the youth of South Africa, starting in Jonkershoek. We use cycling as a tool for whole life coaching and a life skills development programme. Our aim is to connect with the family, social and educational environment of these youngsters and to build networks and partnerships to positively impact their lives. We impart values, skills, character, hope and purpose into the lives of the youth in order to prepare them for becoming the next generation of leaders.




How to get involved:

  • Volunteer to ride with the children (Monday to Thursday 16:00 – 18:00)
  • To assist with monthly organising of races and other events
  • Donate unwanted bicycle equipment, helmets, cycling clothing
  • Fund a race or donate race nutrition for one of the races
  • Mentorship
  • Coaching
  • Mechanics
  • Business partnership for Corporate Social Investment


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