Soup Kitchen

In Addition to our overt ECD Focus, Franschhoek is also involved in a local soup kitchen, providing meals to the aged and needy, once a week at the clinic. We aim to introduce a novel container vegetable growing initiative that serves as a vehicle for a small business and financial literacy training.


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Music Project

The Prochorus Music project presents music lessons (mainly guitar and piano) to impoverished youth from the community of Franschhoek. These lessons provide youth with access to resources and positive role models, which has the potential to create a sense of identity and hope.


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Food Bag Initiative

The Food bag initiative distributes food packages to patients fighting TB and HIV/AIDS in the community. The food bag Initiative is an easy way for volunteers, and local individuals to give and get involved. The function of the initiative is to provide a light and easy way of distributing a package containing the basic essentials for nutritious meals.

Nutrition is the key factor to remaining healthy and fighting TB and the HIV/AIDS virus. Medication without nutrition means that the patient fights an endless battle.


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Ithemba Lekusasa (Hope and a Future) after school programme

This year Prochorus Franschhoek started an after school program through the involvement of volunteers, with the hope that the blueprint can be duplicated all across the valley, and most specifically in the nearby township. Through this program we wish to empower community members to reach grades R-11 through the encouragement and development of the whole child during after school hours.

In our community, learners often spend many hours of their day in the streets, waiting for absent or working parents and guardians.  Through providing a safe space for learners to receive academic tutoring, create art, play sport, participate in cultural activities, hold debates and discussions, and receive spiritual and emotional support we believe that we can make a transformative impact on these learners. Through reaching the vulnerable children of our community at a crucial stage in their development, we believe that we can also make a long-lasting impact on the community as a whole.


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