Store House

The Store House project is the heart of Prochorus, distributing resources collected from the network in which we operate to people who have a need. We collaborate with like-minded organisations towards a better, empowered community. We have assisted over 50 households in 2018 and partnered with various organisations in the surrounding area.

Our function is as a networking organisation between other NGO’s, people in need and donors. From our recent successes with individuals who struggle recovering from injuries/setbacks in their lives, and connecting them with the required help, we can deduce that we are making a difference. 

Project Partners
  • Shofar Christian Church
  • Connect Network
  • Bridging Abilities
  • ChangeAbility
  • Helderberg Rape Crisis Centre
  • Kingdom Kids
  • Helderberg Street People Centre
  • SW Night Shelter
  • Helderberg Development Centre
Project Needs
  • Donations of good quality second-hand clothing 
  • Home appliances 
  • Paint 

Creche Teacher Training Program

Partnering with Amazing Brainz, Prochorus Delft will be training and evaluating a group of 80 crèche teachers from over 20 crèches in the Delft community. The curriculum is designed to equip the teachers and provide them with the resources they need to run successful crèches and move one step closer to registering with the Department of Social Development (DSD).

Looking to the future, the desire is to open the training up to as many teachers in the community as possible. The heart is to upskill and empower the teachers who will be teaching the next generation.

The first cycle started in September and will run until June 2019, after which all the crèches involved will undergo monitoring, evaluation and mentoring, before receiving their Amazing Brainz curriculum certificate.


Program Partners





Project Needs

Soup Kitchen

In Addition to our overt ECD Focus, Franschhoek is also involved in a local soup kitchen, providing meals to the aged and needy, once a week at the clinic. We aim to introduce a novel container vegetable growing initiative that serves as a vehicle for a small business and financial literacy training.


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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift exists because people are in poverty and we believe the Church should be on the forefront of solving that problem. The Paradigm Shift Program is a tool that connects business men and women within the church to micro entrepreneurs in poor communities. Through business training, discipleship, microcredit and one-on-one mentoring, volunteers engage with developing entrepreneurs, who, in turn, bring economic possibility to their impoverished communities.


How we do it:

Business Training: 

Basic building blocks for any successful enterprise: pricing, selling, budgeting, record keeping, understanding costs, advertising, branding and more.


Faith is the foundation for success over the long-term. In the context of relationship, we explore topics of stewardship, money, work, pain, purpose and God’s plan for our lives.


Growth-focused relationships of an entrepreneur and a skilled business professional who meet outside of a training environment.


Small, repayable loans for income-generation allocated only for those who are not currently banked and need assistance demonstrating credit worthiness in the future.

For more information visit our website

Somerset West Creche

Stable Ministries was founded in the Strand townships by Pastor Morris Van Zyl in 2003 for a group of Zimbabwean Christians who worked in his construction company, Van Zyl Builders. He bought a double stand in Nomzamo, Somerset West on which they eventually, after a lot of resistance from the community committee, built a church in 2010.

The women in the church were looking for employment opportunities for themselves and started looking after babies at home. They identified the need for a Christian crèche in the community and Morris started it in the church-building with 6 children. When Morris passed away at the end of 2012 in a tragic work accident, Shofar Somerset West stepped in and took up his legacy. By then the crèche catered for 15 children. Kibwe Kids(sister NGO to Prochorus ) bought the property to ensure the continuation of the work started on the property.

Prochorus was approached in 2013 and a donor, Secure Data erected two wooden structures (18m2& 27m2) as permanent homes for the expanding crèche. The crèche caters for up to 25 children between the ages of 4 months and 6 years, on a daily basis with two full-time teachers looking after them from 7am to 6pm. The structures are used for educational purposes when outreaches are done in the community. The structures are also used by the church on Sundays for the children’s church.

Masikhule, an NGO in the Helderberg is also involved with the ECD facility. Prochorus wants to ensure that the learning taking place inside the facility provides the children with a solid foundation for life-long learning and productive participation in life. Maikhule provides training for the teachers and supports and mentors the crèche from an educational perspective.

The wooden structures still had no electricity or ceilings which meant a very cold classroom during winter. During the November 2013 floods in the Helderberg, extensive damage occurred at the crèche and with the help of Secure Data, Prochorus started repairs by replacing the wooden floors with a concrete floor in the one structure and securing the structure to the ground.

Kibwe Kids recently funded the supply of electricity to the church grounds. Gerard Ter Haar is the liaison person for the growing Prochorus Somerset West.

The local Shofar church assists with volunteers to the project in Nomzamo. Project Letsgrow Nomzamo has started and we look forward to future involvement from them.

Bester Feed & Grain have recently allocated funds to paint the outside of the crèches with Biblical scenes. When it’s completed around middle October 2014, both the crèche structures will be equipped with solid concrete floors, painted inside walls, insulated ceilings, shelving for the educational toys, educational and Biblical posters on all walls, huge painted blackboards in each structure, desk and chairs for the teachers, mattresses for nap-times and cutlery and crockery for lunch-time. The outsides of the two structures will also be painted with huge Biblical scenes, done by the staff of Bester Feed.


Here follows some of the future needs for the crèche:

  • training of staff and raising of volunteers
  • the supply of electricity to the crèche and installing of fluorescent lights and plug-points
  • a TV and DVD-player for educational purposes
  • security gates on the two doors
  • burglar bars for the four windows
  • roofed overhangs over the two doors
  • carpets or some type of permanent flooring on the concrete floors
  • a built-up washing-up area with double basin and roofed overhang
  • renovated toilets
  • a solar geyser
  • a microwave
  • a refrigerator


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Music Project

The Prochorus Music project presents music lessons (mainly guitar and piano) to impoverished youth from the community of Franschhoek. These lessons provide youth with access to resources and positive role models, which has the potential to create a sense of identity and hope.


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Food Bag Initiative

The Food bag initiative distributes food packages to patients fighting TB and HIV/AIDS in the community. The food bag Initiative is an easy way for volunteers, and local individuals to give and get involved. The function of the initiative is to provide a light and easy way of distributing a package containing the basic essentials for nutritious meals.

Nutrition is the key factor to remaining healthy and fighting TB and the HIV/AIDS virus. Medication without nutrition means that the patient fights an endless battle.


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Ithemba Lekusasa (Hope and a Future) after school programme

This year Prochorus Franschhoek started an after school program through the involvement of volunteers, with the hope that the blueprint can be duplicated all across the valley, and most specifically in the nearby township. Through this program we wish to empower community members to reach grades R-11 through the encouragement and development of the whole child during after school hours.

In our community, learners often spend many hours of their day in the streets, waiting for absent or working parents and guardians.  Through providing a safe space for learners to receive academic tutoring, create art, play sport, participate in cultural activities, hold debates and discussions, and receive spiritual and emotional support we believe that we can make a transformative impact on these learners. Through reaching the vulnerable children of our community at a crucial stage in their development, we believe that we can also make a long-lasting impact on the community as a whole.


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Educare Centre


Our Educare Centre exists to provide the scholars of Jonkershoek with an accessible and appropriate place to receive help with their school work. There is also a focus on developing other skills and providing mentorship.

There are 20 computer stations where learners can improve their computer literacy, do internet research or just complete homework projects.

Teachers and volunteers assist the children with homework or provide extra learning activities.

How to get involved:

  • Volunteer to assist the children with their homework
  • Assisting with computer literacy and other skills
  • Donation of stationery, puzzles and books (educational and reading) – must be age appropriate for primary and high school children (English, Xhosa and Afrikaans)
  • Collection of food from our provider on a weekly basis


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Hunger Relief and Clothes Distribution


What do we need?

  • Food parcels are always needed as we often get children walking into our office with a need for food or a family when there is unexpected unemployment.
  • Tinned food
  • Pap
  • Rice
  • New or second hand clothing.

Please ensure clothing is washed and still wearable, our beneficiaries would greatly appreciate this!


Contact us to arrange drop off or collection.


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Our vision for this project is to equip underprivileged teenage girls to discover their unique identity in order to display God’s glory, stop negative cycles and become the light/leaders in their communities.
We aim to support and give guidance to girls in developing communities by teaching them practical skills. We care enough to discuss topics that are never raised by their parents, simply because they don’t know how to, since they themselves haven’t been taught or they don’t value the need to create a safe environment in which their children can discover. When asked, “Where is your father?” a thirteen year old girl answered: “He went to buy milk and never came back.”

Girls grow up in broken families and are often raised by their grandmothers and fathers being completely absent. In South Africa one in three girls has had a baby by the age of 20.
Our project intends to restore hope and establish worth in every heart in the midst of many adversities, we can rebuild healthy family structures and negative generational cycles can be ended.
Each group is led by 3 young working adults and sessions are held weekly. Our short term goals are to eliminate teenage pregnancies, keep every girl in school and to create a platform where girls can discover their unique identities. We believe that these teenage girls are the foundation of restoration in families and in their communities.

Every life counts – One girl at a time

What we need:

  • Mentoring/leading a group of 10 girls together with friends, contact
  • do you have a specific skill that you could share with the groups
  • Developing programmes to assist us
  • Assist in creating networks that will enable every girl to live a life she was created for depending on her particular need.


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Cloetesville Playgroup

Many abuse and rape cases take place in the community where parents are unemployed, but not sufficiently watchful over toddlers playing in the mornings whilst older children are at school. This motivated us to start a playgroup for the toddlers to keep them safe and occupied in the mornings and to expose them to vital Early Childhood Development.



This project has grown and we realise there is a need to duplicate the playgroup due to the long waiting list.

What we need:

  • Volunteers to commit their time to assist in our playgroups
  • Educational toys and activities for ages 3-6
  • Stationery such as paper, crayons, finger paint
  • Afrikaans story books
  • Teacher salaries (contact for further details)




Local Disaster relief

emergency-reliefProchorus has an established working relationship with the Disaster Management Department of the Municipality of Stellenbosch. We assist during emergencies and disasters such as fires or floods by providing supplies to the community.

Churches and individuals in the vicinity provide us with new and used clothes and food parcels on a regular basis. Daily applications for relief are received and evaluated, before distributing supplies. In case of disasters, specific needs are communicated to the community and distribution coordinated by the Prochorus Office.


What do we need?

  • Emergency supplies, clothes and food – contact us for more information
  • Blankets for winter


We are happy to partner with

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Drama Group

drama-groupIrish Students launched a drama group consisting of High School Children in Kayamandi as part of their practical assignment in 2008. The aim of the group is to provide a common goal for the children to strive towards, instilling a sense of discipline and achievement and also to improve their language and communication abilities. Prochorus will continue with this group and will make use of local and international volunteers for facilitation.

For many of the children this is the first time that they learn to commit to a group and to become part of something greater than themselves. It is also a prime opportunity for students and volunteers to become life coaches to the children.

In 2009 the group won second place at the Buya festival and both the best actor and best actress awards went to our group members.

In 2010 the group came first and was rewarded a trip to attend an Art Festival in George.


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Kitchen Garden

veggiesProchorus, in partnership with a local church, has planted a vegetable garden on the church grounds. The objective of the garden is to supply our soup kitchen, the Unakho Centre and some of our creches with food. Apart from the soup kitchen we also have a group of people that receive food parcels from us every month. They are encouraged to learn to plant vegetables for themselves or to sell vegetables.

What we need:

  • Donations of seeds, fertilizer, gardening tools
  • Volunteers to teach new skills


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